Rio Grand Mindfulness Institute (RGMI)


The Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute (RGMI), Mountain Cloud’s program to advance mindfulness in schools and colleges, is starting to get busy with workshops and retreats. On February 3, we have been hired to provide two workshops at United World College’s annual social justice conference. The conference features leading national advocates It’s a wonderful gathering in these urgent times, and please consider attending. For details, see the UWC website.

The UWC workshops are a prelude to a week-long UWC teen retreat that RGMI will host at Mountain Cloud on March 11-18. That program will feature meditation training, yoga practice, and hands-on service project supporting our capital improvement project. Staff will include Tor, Henry, Chris and John. There will be guest speakers, outdoor education activities, and — as currently planned — tango dancing lessons! Please contact John or Henry is you’d like to participate in any way.

On March 4, RGMI will co-host a day-long retreat for local educators. Click here for more details. This follows our successful pilot project last October and a series of faculty training sessions with Santa Fe Prep. Much more is in the works, including an RGMI webpage that will make it easy to see our progress.

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