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Teisho: Case 60, Book of Equanimity: Tetsuma, the Cow

November 2, 2017

“… We practice, cultivating attention and allowing and go beyond “self” …”

attention, allow

Description: This teisho is the fifth talk from the Summer 2017 sesshin. The fourth talk was a silent talk. In the third talk, Henry spoke about the fact that koans are not moral or practical guidance. To begin this talk, further explanation is offered—specifically, how koans are deeply ethical, while not overtly offering moral guidelines. The koans are reality itself and in the course of zen training, the world of one existence is revealed and “our whole existence becomes nothing but ethics” and the concomitant desire to help bring other beings to awakening. In Case 60, we are asked to deeply appreciate how these two masters, Ryû Tetsuma and Isan, “intimately share existence.” What is the world they are presenting in this beautiful meeting? They are totally unaware of the notion of “awakening,” and are absolutely free. They have gone beyond the self; the self has released itself. An important point is that Zen’s treasure is that it does not regard “awakening” to be a goal. We practice, cultivating attention and allowing, and go beyond “self.” There is ease and joy and peace and freedom and the swelling of compassion, of love—right here, right now.

Post & Featured Image (edited): Catch by suju, CCO Public Domain.

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