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Teisho: Case 70, Book of Equanimity: Shinsan Asks about Nature

August 16, 2018

“… this moment … is without content—it is unborn and, simultaneously, undeniably present …”

unborn yet undeniably present

Description: In this powerful talk Henry begins by conveying that, however perplexing they seem to be, the subject matter of all koans is right here, right now. In Case 70, Master Shinsan and Master Shuzan are having a dialogue, or mondo. Shinsan begins, “After you have clearly known the unborn nature of life, why are you still attached to life?” The koan is showing us that there is another aspect inherent in this moment that is without content—it is unborn and, simultaneously, undeniably present. Shinsan sets up the primary dilemma in his opening question and he resolves it at the end. He demonstrates the possibility of a radical transformation in how we experience our lives. What then? Henry passionately addresses this question and, in doing so, is presenting the reality these masters are trying to show us.

Post & Featured image: Nature by leovalenteCCO Public Domain.

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