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Dharmatalk: Case 75, Book of Equanimity: Zuigan’s “Everlasting Truth” (Part 2)

December 20, 2018

wonder not knowing yet knowing

Description: This talk continues the discussion of Case 75 and the wonder of practice. Zuigan has asked Ganto if there is an unchanging, everlasting reality. This can be taken as the central question of a lifetime. Ganto tells him that “it” — the unchanging truth — has already changed. We can never experience the world that Ganto inhabits through our understanding. Yet it is embodied in the koan, and embodied in the great masters. This talk and every zen talk is an attempt to convey this world, using readings, stories, poetry and accounts of awakening experiences. Henry emphasizes that we cannot receive it with our minds. “We can’t know it but, also, can’t not know it.”

Post & Featured image: Tibet by truthseeker08, CCO Public Domain.

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