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Teisho: The Christmas Story & Zen

August 25, 2018

All things pregnant
with a single treasure.

“… open the inn door and allow room for now? Attending to the present moment opens the space where the treasure that is intrinsic to our existence is revealed …”

door to now

Description: Essentially, the core of all the great traditions teach us about what it is to be human. In this beautiful talk, Henry explores some aspects of the Christmas story with a view from the Zen perspective. There is a star in the sky, and an inconceivable, impossible pregnancy and birth — and, with no room at the inn, a stable filled with animals. In our human lives, seemingly so filled with plans and agendas, and bound to a timeline often focused on the past and future, what happens when we open the door into this very moment, and make room for now? Attending to the present moment can open up a space where a shining treasure intrinsic to this and every instant of our lives, is revealed.

Post & Featured image: Garden Door by congerdesignCCO Public Domain.

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