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Dharmatalk: Enlightenments – One Mountain

September 7, 2021

“… Many flavors of awakening exist, constituting one mountain range …”

enlightenments one mountain shukman

“… If you’re lucky enough to get up the mountain, you’ve still got to come down again ...”

Description: A novice asks his master, “What is the way?” The master responds, “Ordinary mind.” This koan expresses how ultimate reality can be found in something as commonplace as a cup of coffee. When someone experiences awakening in Zen, they will not need to look beyond their ordinary reckoning to discern a vast range of peaks and valleys as really just one mountain. Many flavors of awakening exist, constituting one mountain range.

And, here’s a link to our YouTube video of this talk.

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Post & Featured Image (edited): Beautiful sunrise time of Mountain Fuji and sea of mist in autumn season seen from Mountain Takayama , Shizuoka prefecture by torsakarin, purchased from 123rf, for use only on our website/social channels (this image is not permitted to be shared separately from this post).

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