Dharmatalk: Original Love & Inseparability: Original Love – Introduction (4 of 5)

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… A quantum shift occurs that exposes the inseparability of all ...”

original love inseparability shukman

Description: Henry continues looking at original love. We humans are made in such a way that we can directly know original love with our consciousness. True awakening is discovering boundless inseparability and allows us come to the origin point of our existence…. original love. Sitting with the questions who am I? or what am I?, or with Mu practice, is an exploration of original love. We could ask, do I have original love?, or do I have Buddha nature? We have to see it, experience it in your being. A quantum shift occurs that exposes the inseparability of all. Non-separate awareness in the midst of things, of life, is original love.

Henry also continues exploring systemic racism and white supremacy within western cultures.

And, here’s a link to our YouTube video of this talk.

Post & Featured Image (edited): Neist point lighthouse and falling stars, Isle of Skye, Scotland by Shaiith79, Pixabay License.

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