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Introductory Talk #2: Why Meditate? (Part 1)

November 24, 2017

“… There is nothing but the present moment … there is nowhere but here and now …”

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Description: As we cultivate present-moment awareness, we are training ourselves to really experience what we are experiencing right now. There is nothing but the present moment. If we are thinking about the past or the future, we are doing it now. Through meditation we develop three skills: concentration; clarity; equanimity. Concentration is the ability to come back to an object of attention when we realize we have drifted away and, also, the capacity to stay with the object of attention. In time this will lead to states of absorption and deeper concentration. Clarity refers to having greater clarity about what we are experiencing in this moment. We become more intimate with our sense experience and, as a result, develop more discernment and are able parse out the various strands of our experience that are happening simultaneously. Equanimity is having no preference, and just allowing what is happening to happen. Whatever it is, we let it be, and we don’t mind.

Post & Featured Image (edited): Still by bones64CCO Public Domain.

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