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Teisho: Practice & The Jhanas

March 15, 2018

“… where the entire body is pervaded by pure awareness …

 Sun pure awareness

Description: The focus of this talk is basic awareness practice and the jhana states, which are meditative states marked by deep stillness and concentration. Henry reads Stephen Batchelor’s translations of the metaphors associated with the first four jhana states. The first is a state of complete absorption; there is well-being and delight derived from solitude, or withdrawal. The second is a well-being born of concentration and composure. The third is a well-being that is beyond delight and well-being; it is beyond characterization. The fourth is a state where the entire body is pervaded by pure awareness. Our practice can be a process of allowing these states of well-being to arise. Henry reads a beautiful story about a young woman reconnecting with something she loved as a child. This practice can be a path back to the things that feel the most real to us, that inspire us and connect us to our soul. Deep sitting shows us that the things we really want, satisfaction and peace, are already here, in this body—they are not “out there.” It also shows us that we can clearly discover that everything is gone at same time as it is arising.

Post & Featured image: Sun by geraltCCO Public Domain.

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