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Rohatsu Sesshin Talk 3 of 6: Case 69, Book of Equanimity: Nansen’s “Cats and Cows”

July 28, 2018

“… a state of stillness, peace and freedom …”

stillness zen koan

Description: This teisho is the third talk from the 2017 Rohatsu sesshin. It begins with the various ways human beings have addressed the problem of suffering, citing the solutions proposed in the words of both Hakuin and John of the Cross. This leads into Case 69 of the Book of Equanimity, with a focus on the line, “All the buddhas of the three worlds do not know that there is…” What do they not know? Henry reads the accompanying verse by Master Wanshi, which demonstrates what this koan is conveying—a state of stillness, peace and freedom. It is the world of the great masters expressing itself for us to taste.

Note: Talk 4 of this series is a silent talk … so there will be no podcast for that.

Post & Featured image: Trees Nature by valiunicCCO Public Domain.

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