Rohatsu Sesshin Talk 6 of 6: A Guide to the Museum Called “Me” (Part 3)

“… our life, our very existence becomes an ongoing service …”

serve others

Description: This teisho is the sixth and final talk from the 2017 Rohatsu sesshin. Henry revisits the four levels of “the museum called ‘me,’” discussed in Parts 1 & 2, in order to clarify a few points. The element of “stop and see” is intrinsic to every level. Every level is complete and nothing is lacking, which may make us feel that we are done, that “this is it…I’ve got it!” But in fact it’s possible that while that may be true, on the other hand we are never done. Why are we never done? To address this question, Henry takes a look at a koan about Master Yakusan which leads into the topic of how best to serve beings, given the great benefits of this practice. As we get clearer, our life, our very existence becomes an ongoing service.

Post & Featured image: Friends by skeezeCCO Public Domain.

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