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Teisho: Sesshin Talk 3 (of 5): Case 73, Book of Equanimity: Sôzan’s Filial Fulfillment

November 8, 2018

“… a continuous letting-go of everything …”

letting go

Description: This teisho is the third talk from the Spring 2018 sesshin. Master Sôzan, along with Master Tôzan, founded the Soto sect of Zen. Case 73 inspires a discussion of the lineage of practice and how this relates to “fulfilling filial piety,” which can result in a kind of rebirth. Our birth parents give us our physiological face and, with training and practice – and a continuous letting-go of everything – our dharma parents may show us our “original face.”

Post & Featured image: Autumn Leaves by Public Domain Pictures, CCO Public Domain.

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