Stephen Batchelor: Sunday June 25, 4:30pm

Join us for Stephen Batchelor’s visit to Mountain Cloud. Come early to get a seat and hear this inspiring dharma teacher.

4:30pm Sunday June 25
Cost is free
Dana appreciated

Stephen Batchelor is a contemporary Buddhist teacher and writer, best known for his secular or agnostic approach to Buddhism. Stephen considers Buddhism to be a constantly evolving culture of awakening rather than a religious system based on immutable dogmas and beliefs.  He is the author of numerous books on Buddhism including Buddhism Without Beliefs: A Contemporary Guide to Awakening, Living with the Devil: A Meditation on Good and Evil, and Confession of a Buddhist Atheist.

Stephen will be visiting immediately after our Summer Sesshin Retreat concludes. If you are coming for our retreat, consider staying a few more hours for Stephen Batchelor’s talk.

Donations gratefully accepted.

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