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Summer 2023: Sesshin Talk 6, Final Talk

August 7, 2023

Taste and See: Be what you are

For the six days of this sesshin, as is typical of Zen, we’ve been talking about reality and experience, a fact that is beyond words. A reality that is not mappable by our assumed ways of knowing or our normal understanding. What this world is intrinsically by nature, — waits for our discovery, and always waiting for more discovery. We’ve been immersed in practice realization or entering the 10,000 myriad dharma gates each which is none other than you.

We started the sesshin with the first koan in the Gateless Gate, Mu 9 (Joshu’s Dog). Valerie fittingly turns in the last talk to the final Koan, Case 48 in the Gateless Gate which also appears in the Book of Equanimity, as Case 61, “Kempo’s One Way.”

Photo by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash

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