Sunday July 12: Sanbo Zen Teacher Marlis Muting Guest Speaker

MCZC is pleased to welcome…

Sanbo Zen Teacher Marlis Muting
as our virtual zendo guest speaker

Sunday Morning July 12
Sit at 9:30am
Talk/Teisho at 10am

Topic: Mumonkan No. 47, Tosotsu’s Three Barriers *

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Introduced to Zazen at age 15 at a Catholic retreat, Marlis Mutig sat for years on her own without a teacher. She developed a serious fear of death when confronted with dying patients at the university hospital in Essen but became determined to solve the problem of life and death once and for all. She became a Zen-student of Sanbo Zen teacher and Catholic Father Johannes Kopp and in 2006 she began working with Yamada Ryoun Roshi. Marlis was appointed Zen teacher in 2008.  She lives with her husband and works as a psychiatrist in Lippstadt, Germany.


* Koan Text – Mumonkan No. 47, Tosotsu´s Three Barriers 

Master Tosotsu Etsu set up three barriers and asked his students:

“The purpose of making one´s way through grasses and asking a master about the subtle truth is only to realize one´s self-nature. Now, you venerable monks, where is the self-nature at this very moment?

“When you have attained your self-nature, you can free yourself from life-and-death. How will you free yourself from life-and-death, when the light of your eyes is falling to the ground?”

“When you have freed yourself from life-and-death, you know where to go. After your four elements have decomposed, where will you go?”


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