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Work Practice: Sunday April 28, 10:15-11:45 followed by lunch. Join us!

What is Buddha? a student asked Tozan (Dongshan). Three pounds of hemp! he snapped back. What is Buddha? a student asked Unmon (Yunmen). Dried shit-stick! he responded. The broom, the shovel, the chisel, saw, hoe and twine: all are “buddha” – integral parts of one awakened reality. Work practice is integral to meditation training. Whether […]

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Dharmatalk: Case 80, Book of Equanimity: Suibi and the Chin Rest

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“… How incredible to wake up into the heart of this moment …” Description: Koans are not confined by our typical assumptions about reality. Case 80 refers to the story of Bodhidharma, who is credited with bringing Zen from India to China. What did Bodhidharma bring? In this koan, Ryûge is asking Suibi and Rinzai […]

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Summer Retreat: June 17-23

Prepare for summer! Join us for our 2019 Summer Retreat Monday June 17 – Sunday June 23. All are warmly invited to attend this summer solstice event Each day begins at 6am and concludes at 9pm. Most of our sits will be in the zendo but there will also be outdoor practice, both walking and […]

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