Teisho by Rollie del Rosario, Thursday May 14: 5:30pm Sit and 6pm Talk

Sanbo Zen teacher from the Philippines, Rollie del Rosario, will be giving Thursday night’s teisho in our virtual Zendo on May 14.


Join us for our regular sit at 5:30pm. Rollie’s talk will begin at 6pm.  Rollie is the head teacher at the Zen Center Philippines where he began practicing Zen in 1982 and soon became a student of Sr. Elaine MacInnes, who founded Zen Center Philippines together with Yamada Ko’un Roshi, then the Abbot of the Sanbo Kyodan (Sanbo Zen). After years of training, Rollie became an assistant Sanbo Zen Teacher in 1998, full Zen Teacher in 2003 and was nominated as Associate Zen Master in 2014. 

Rollie worked for over 25 years with the Asian Development Bank (ADB)  as a photographer, filmmaker, and audiovisual producer. He retired in 2009. 

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