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Teisho: Case 56, Book of Equanimity: “Misshi and the White Rabbit”

August 10, 2017

“… “Just this” is waiting in the middle of our lives, of our existence …”

just this awakening

Description: The focus of this talk is the koan, “Misshi and the White Rabbit,” Case 56 of The Book of Equanimity. Master Tozan enters straight into dharma dueling with his student, Uncle Misshi. Tozan wants him to show him what he really understands. Tozan’s own deepening practice is reflected in his response to Misshi, “A noble of an ancient house is temporarily fallen into poverty,” which expresses that “a most distinguished reality is simply being a rabbit.” Henry talks about Tozan’s moments of great insight, or awakening experiences, over his lifetime. What Tozan discovers cannot be put into words; it must be experienced. “Just this” is waiting in the middle of our lives, of our existence.

Post & Featured Image (edited): Sunrise by Myriams-Fotos, CCO Public Domain.

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