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Teisho: Case 18 Book of Equanimity, Does A Dog Have Buddha Nature? Part 2 of 3

November 26, 2015

Description: Henry continues his lively exploration of the the Book of Equanimity’s version of the Mu koan. In this koan, Joshu replies to the monk’s question, “Does a dog have Buddha nature?” first by saying “U” or yes, then later by saying, “Mu” or no. Henry addresses Joshu’s apparently contradictory responses by paraphrasing from the Buddha, “If you are looking for big cosmic answers, you have come to the wrong place.” Joshu is baiting the monk with his answers to his questions about the dog.  We ourselves become like bait for the Dharma when we sit with Mu, waiting for the enormous “Dharma fish” to snatch us up.  Joshu was the original angler of this style of practice, which allows all the time in the world. While this teisho continues exploring Buddha nature, Henry includes a delightful story about his astonishing encounter with a village high in the Andes populated by wise indigenous peoples, the Arhuacos and Kogi, who see themselves as the elder brothers and sisters of humanity.


Post Image Credit: After the rain, by aotaroCC BY 2.0 via
Featured Image Credit: zen-garden, by Spirit Fire, CC BY 2.0.

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