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Teisho: 3rd Revisitation of Case 53, Book of Equanimity: Obaku’s Drinkers

April 20, 2017

Case 52: Ôbaku instructed the assembly and said, “You are all drinkers of lees [dregs]. If you continue to go on your Way like this, when will you have your ‘today’? Do you know that in this great empire of Tang there is no Zen master?” Now a monk came forward and said, “What would you say to the fact that in various places there are people who accept students and direct their assemblies?” Ôbaku said, “I don’t say that there is no Zen; I only say that there is no master.”

“… the treasures of existence can be found nowhere else but here and now …” ~ Henry Shukman

here and now

Description: This talk explores the nature of Zen teaching. It is unlike other types of teaching; it tries to help us return to our ‘real’ self; it’s a path of infinite learning, and boundless. To really taste its teaching is known as entering Zen’s “gateless gate.” Perhaps we all in some sense intuit that the treasures of existence can be found nowhere else but here and now. Is it possible to fall in love with a wall? Listen and find out.

Post & Featured Image (edited): Teacup Reflection by AliceKeyStudio, CCO Public Domain.

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