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Teisho: Case 46, Book of Equanimity, Study Accomplished (Part 2 of 2)

December 22, 2016

“This life is an unparalleled opportunity; so far as we know, there is nothing like it in the universe. We don’t need to know anymore. This is it. ~ Henry Shukman


Case 46: Great Master Tokusan Emmyo instructed his assembly and said, “If you have exhausted to the end, you will realize right away that all buddhas in the three worlds have stuck their mouths to the wall. Yet there is still one person giving a great laugh. If you can recognize that person, you have accomplished your Zen study.”

Description: Henry continues exploring Case 46, Study Accomplished, by opening with the fact that, through our Zen study and practice, we are  learning what it is to be a human being.  If you have used up everything to the very end, nothing is left, and then you will realize that all Buddha’s mouths are pinned to the wall because they can’t say a word. Nothing is to be said once you have plumbed the depths of this human experience.  A profound confidence, trust, and faith comes as a natural fruit of this process. There is nothing to be said, but you can hear the great laugh from the one “person”.  If you can recognize that laugh, your zen study has been accomplished.

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