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Teisho: Koans & Why We Study Them

August 24, 2017

“… the world that koans reveal grows evermore in wondrous beauty …”

koans wondrous beauty

Description: This teisho centers on koans and why it is worthwhile to study them. Henry likens koan study to a violinist playing a technically challenging piece like Bach’s Chaconne, in that both set a very high standard. Koans are saying to us that the awakening experience is not enough—-they want us to go deeper. There is another order of our experience where there is no difference between awakening and ordinary life. Koan training strips away all levels of duality, and while it can bring us to experience a reality that does not change, it also brings us into deeper intimacy with the ever-changing multiplicity of the present moment. “The world that koans reveal grows evermore in wondrous beauty.”

Click here to watch/listen Bach’s Chaconne.

Post & Featured Image (edited): Chestnuts Raindrops by jackmac34, CCO Public Domain.

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