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Teisho: Is this life or is this death

January 5, 2017


Description: In this short talk, Henry relates a koan about life and death. A student of Dogo’s had died. He went with Zengen to pay respects. Zengen tapped on the coffin and asked, “is this life or is this death?”  Dogo said, “I won’t say, I won’t say.”  Zengen was bothered by this response and pushed his teacher to answer him. Dogo remained silent. Much later Zengen asked Sekiso the same question, Sekiso also responded “I won’t say,” and thereupon Zengen had a great awakening.

Henry talks about what this koan reveals, asking: What is life and death? The pregnant question points to the central reality of our existence, our consciousness, our life and death. It points to the fact of our consciousness.  Listen to what this koan can open within us.

Post & Featured Image: Death by sciencefreak, CCO Public Domain.

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