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Teisho: Lineage (Part 2 of 3)

August 4, 2016

Our practice is about being human. Zen is a label put on a practice of being peacefully, thoroughly human.” 

Description: Henry continues with his discussion about lineage. He opens with the thesis that “Mahayana Buddhism is really about lineage.”  


He describes some of the concerns and misunderstandings westerners have regarding lineage, and delves into more depth about the unparalleled type of meeting that can occur between student and teacher.  Henry gives historical background about individualism in the west, beginning with the Renaissance and Reformation and continuing into today’s psychologically oriented, self-centered contemporary world. He contrasts isolated individualistic experiences that may be self-validated in some modern spiritual circles with authentic Zen practice, stressing the profound connection that takes place between student and teacher. This meeting or connection creates living, ongoing lineage.

Post & Featured Image Credit: Courtesy of Cherie Manifest.

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