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Teisho: Lineage (Part 3 of 3)

August 11, 2016

Lineage is simply the continuum of practicing humans.” 


Description: Henry In this last teisho in the lineage series Henry explores what practice actually is, for human beings. He shows us that Zen points to who/what we find ourselves to be, once we are less compelled by our relentless and isolating sense of self-identity. When looking at the possibilities of Zen practice, Henry asks, what reality are we talking about? What is it?  Who is it? He takes our lineage all the way back to Shakyamuni’s realization beneath the bodhi tree, and the first words he is said to have uttered after his awakening:  “I and all beings have attained the way simultaneously.”

Post & Featured Image Credit: Courtesy of Cherie Manifest.

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