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Teisho: Obedience

October 6, 2016

I am busy not influencing anything.”  ~ Master Mumon

Zen Sitting

Description: Henry looks at the concept of obedience and how it applies to Zen and to the Sanbo Zen lineage. Henry explores the term obeisance as used in Case 35 from the Book of Equanimity, Rakuho’s Obeisance. He provides some reflections on obedience, humility, letting be, and putting what is above our sense of our self. He also explores the difference between a pressured kind of zen practice which can induce sudden awakening and a quieter practice that slowly develops trust in the teacher and practice. Sanbo Zen has roots in both types and seeks balance between the two.

Henry offers us two distinct points to reflect upon and consider as we sit…

  1. Zazen is a “non-exclusion zone;” everything goes in zen. When the impulse to exclude arises, explore that impulse.
  2. Perhaps the highest purpose we are ever going to fulfill is when we are put in the ground to become food for other beings; reflect on this natural ecology.  

Henry also recognizes Rosa Bellino’s gift of a Zen scroll to our Sangha. Click here for a picture of the scroll and a translation of its text.

Post & Featured Image Credit: Nirvana by ePi.LongoCC BY 2.0.

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