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Teisho: Summer Sesshin: Experience not intellect (Part 5 of 5)

September 22, 2016

“In practice, we meet in a different kind of way; silently, not looking at one and other, but experiencing one another with a different kind of intimacy …” ~ Henry Shukman

Experience Practice

Description: In this final talk of our summer sesshin, Henry wraps up what he has been communicating during this week of silence. He stresses that Zen is not about understanding, which is why Zen has been passed on through living flesh and blood teachers. This kind of direct transmission can’t happen through the intellect. It penetrates the heart, the essential core of who we are, so we can see who we actually are. This penetration causes the death of who we think we are, through experience, rather than through understanding, learning or intellect. Listen to this closing sesshin teisho and share in Henry’s love of Zen practice and dharma.

Post Image Credit: Buddhism by sciencefreakCCO Public Domain.
Featured Image Credit: Harmony by Devanath, CCO Public Domain.

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