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Teisho: The Three Treasures

May 11, 2017

I return full-heartedly to the Buddha
I return full-heartedly to the Dharma
I return full-heartedly to the Sangha
~ Henry’s Translation of Ti Sarana

Ti Sarana Veneration of Three Jewels

Description: In this episode, Henry gives further background and context on the levels and possibilities of Zen practice. Broadly speaking, there are three kinds of practice at Mountain Cloud. Each layer corresponds with a reason why we might want to practice at all. Those, in turn correspond with a different level of possibility that practice offers. Whether you are looking for a basic understanding of your own personal psychology, or pursuing thorough realization, Zen meets you right where you are.  Enjoy listening to Henry unpack the levels and possibilities of Zen practice in this podcast!

Post & Featured Image (edited): Veneration of the Three Jewels, Chorasan, Gandhara, 2nd century AD, schist – Ethnological Museum, Berlin by Daderot, CCO Public Domain.

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