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Thoughts about Practice: Mu

August 29, 2015

The idea seems deep in our culture that “eternity” is vast and somehow distant...that it stretches away from us.


But what if it’s the reverse, and it reaches not away but toward us, it presses ever closer to us, and our part is to let in?

        This is Mu and what Mu does.

We seem to be virtually impregnable to it, like a fortress. But all that is holding it out, and all that we are held in by, is an idea.

Ideas are not very solid after all. What is an idea made of? Is it really made of anything?

So no matter how well we seem to have immured ourselves against Mu, we need not fear. Mu is very simple, and very real. In the end it will wear down any idea. Is there really anything to wear down in the first place? It will always win. Reality always wins in the end.



Written by Henry Shukman, from our newsletter archives.

Image Credit: Andromeda Galaxy, by skeeze, CC0 Public Domain, from
Featured Image Credit: Meditation by johnhain, CC0 Public Domain, from

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