Visiting Students Accommodations, Pricing and Weekly Schedule

Visiting Student Accommodations and Pricing

We offer a variety of  accommodations, including single rooms, shared cabins, and single lofts. Due to COVID 19, all residents will have a private living space, no shared accommodations.  And, residents are charged the basic cost of $630 per month for all accommodations.

Cabin:  $630 a month.  Cabins sleep four, but due to covid 19 restrictions only one person will be in a cabin at a time. There is no attached bathroom. You will need to walk to the main building for a bathroom and shower

Cottage – loft:  Lofts are on the second story of  the cottage and require that you climb a sturdy but steep ladder into a private loft space. Cost is $830 per month. Bathrooms in the cottage are on the main level and are shared. We are not using the lofts during Covid 19 pandemic.

Cottage – single room: The cottage offers single rooms on the main floor. Cost is $1000 per month. Bathrooms are on the main level and are shared. For COVID 19, only two people will be allowed to stay in the cottage, each guest will have a private room and bath.

Visiting Student Schedule

Morning programming is required. Events noted with an asterisk* may be optional.

Mornings Monday-Friday

7-8am  Meditation
8-8:30  Breakfast – do it yourself
8:30  Clean Up & Work Practice Meeting
9-11:30  Work Practice
11:30  Lunch – do it yourself
12-12:30  Clean Up
12:30-5/5:30/6pm   Rest, Reading,  Free Time

Saturday  Morning meditation at 7:00am*

Sunday  9:00-10:300am  Meditation*


Monday – Friday 5:30-6:30pm, Meditation
Tuesday 4-5pm Intro Class
 (Virtual) *
Thursday 5:30-7:00pm  Meditation at 5:30pm and Dharma Talk at 6pm

In addition to a week-day schedule, student guests will have access to one weekly interview with our guiding teacher, Henry Shukman (when he is in town, he does travel occasionally) and/or with Zen teacher Valerie Forstman, as well as weekly Teishos and Intro Classes, gardening and other sangha activities.

Meals are not provided; cooking facilities and some limited supplies are available.


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