Weekend Introduction to Meditation Retreat, June 22-24, Registration Closed


Weekend: Introduction to Meditation Retreat Friday evening June 22 —
Sunday morning June 24

Cost: $130-$180



This  weekend retreat  offers two special opportunities…

Basic mindful meditation techniques.  Newcomers to meditation and long-term sitters alike, from the Zen tradition or elsewhere, can learn some basic techniques and strategies that can help make our sitting practice powerful, fulfilling and invigorating, as well as a lifelong quest into the mystery of being. Along the way we will explore:

      • dealing with difficult emotions
      • sitting with thoughts
      • how to handle restlessness, frustration, disappointment, doubt, anxiety in a sitting practice, and the unique perspectives and insights that meditation practice can open up on these human challenges.

It will broaden the basis of our practice, and help us to integrate our life and practice more deeply.

Combine two retreats for extended sitting: Come to both our Intro retreat and our five-day summer sesshin that begins on June 26. Sit for the two days between the two retreats, and experience nine days of sitting. Sunday afternoon, and Monday and Tuesday day-time, practitioners may continue their sitting in the zendo, free style. Breakfast and lunch will be offered on Monday and Tuesday.

If you might need some financial aid, please click here for details and to apply.  Click here for a sample schedule.

Registration is now closed.


Image: Lotus by PixxlTeufel, CC0 Public Domain from Pixabay.com
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