Why Koans? Talk Four, Henry Shukman

Koans are targeting my sense of me. Aiming directly at the heart of who I think I am.

In this fourth and final talk from the Why Koans? retreat, Henry delves more deeply into the meaning and use of koans. He returns to Roso Facing the Wall, talks about the two primary Zen schools, Rinzai and Soto, explaining where Sanbo Zen fits in, and he embraces the grace of simplicity, of simply sitting .

Henry says… “A koan is about the nature of mind itself. It’s pointing us toward the deeper reality of what on earth going on right now, being alive, conscious, human. We don’t really get answers but Zen helps us make discoveries… about us. When the mind doesn’t get fed it can discover what it really is.”

Featured image: Cosmic Life Cloud Enso, by Janine Ibbotson
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