Why Koans? Talk Two, Henry Shukman

…it’s a matter of pointing to the human heart mind and finding that you are this great awakening. Its a matter of seeing your own heart mind, your experience of this moment now. 

In this second talk from the Why Koans? retreat Henry continues exploring the path of gradual awakening (Mindfulness training) and the path of koan training (sudden awakening). The four foundations of mindfulness are the very foundation of meditation practice. Through this practice, we develop love for self and other and for our planet. The gradual mindfulness path – though fruitful and complete – can miss the fact that the unconditioned is right here, right now. Though we may want to climb a staircase, the sudden path shows us that each step is the destination.

Featured image: Cosmic Life Cloud Enso, by Janine Ibbotson
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