Winter Solstice Virtual Retreat, December 17-20

Join us for a virtual online meditation retreat led by Henry Shukman and Valerie Forstman  

December 17-20
Thursday morning – Sunday Afternoon
Suggested payment is $100-$250.

Give generously, if you are able, or pay any amount that you can reasonably afford.
No one will be turned away!

This four-day virtual retreat includes talks, Q&A, sitting together, easy relaxing body practice, meditation guidance, and plenty of open silent shared sitting. If you have yet to attend one of our virtual retreats during the covid-19 challenge, consider trying it. We create a surprisingly intimate virtual zendo that facilitates strong practice… and we connect with meditators from around the globe.

Daily Schedule 
Early morning sitting  6:00-8:00am MT (or 2-4:00pm CET)
9am-noon MT with a dharma talk at 10am
1-3:30pm MT with Q&A
6:30-8:30pm MT

You can attend part or all of the retreat. If you are unable to commit to all days or all times during the day, come when you are able.

Questions?  Contact Johanna

Register here

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