Yoga and Zen : One Bright Jewel

This yoga immersion uncovers the fundamental common essence of dhyana (meditation) and asana (posture) practice. We will focus on cultivating meditative awareness through internal listening and subtle attunement while on the mat and also while walking outside at Esalen. Then, we’ll bring it all to the meditation cushion. This combination of asana, pranayama (breath), and clear and poignant teachings from the Zen tradition (poems, koans and lore), helps us deepen and accelerate our practice…. “

“… Dhyana, or Zen Buddhism, has a deep connection to the natural world, and can help us discover that our practice is not different from the natural course of wind, rivers, mountains, and ocean waves. The aim of this week-long immersion is to discover our own intrinsic embodiment of this spirit of naturalness in meditation, yoga postures, pranayama, walking meditation, and deep/slow floor unwinding practices. During the course of this week we will practice bringing mind and body together in order to experience greater radiance, love, and joy in our hearts.”

Please join Tias Little and Henry Shukman at Esalen in Big Sur, California from January 18-23, 2015 … to … “deepen and accelerate your practice.”

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Above quote is excerpted from Esalen website’s page about the workshop.

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