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Welcome to Mountain Cloud Zen Center, a meditation center offering daily sitting, weekly teaching events, and meditation retreats. Daily and weekly sits and events are free, open to the public, no membership or registration required to attend.

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The passcode is: mountain22

Scroll down to our Getting Started section for specific details. Daily events are both online and in person (see on-site schedule here).

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Getting Started

We provide instruction and support for new meditators. Join our online Introduction to Meditation Start with some introductory videos and talks about mindfulness and zen meditation or join on of our online or on-site daily sits.

Zen Teachers at Mountain Cloud

Valerie Forstman

Valerie Forstman is an Associate Zen Master of the Sanbo Zen Lineage and is Mountain Cloud’s Guiding Teacher. She joins Mountain Cloud with a shared vision of the core Zen path, a way of coming home to who we truly are.

Zen Teachers at Mountain Cloud

Henry Shukman

Henry Shukman is Mountain Cloud’s Spiritual Director, Emeritus. Henry was the Guiding Teacher for close to ten years and has been dedicated to what he sees as core Zen training— clarifying our “original nature,” following the eight-fold path, and living in love, freedom and deep responsiveness.

Mountain Cloud is now accepting applications for our Residency Program. Information about the program including lodging, meals, Zen practice and study, samu, cost, and other activities are described on our Residency Program page. The minimum stay is one month.

Original Love

Original Love is a new approach to the ancient path of meditation…

…offering a broad training based primarily on traditional teachings of Zen and early Buddhism. Through finding the intrinsic energy, peace and joy that are already within us, we can become increasingly clear-sighted and open-hearted beings. Gradually, and sometimes suddenly, through shared practice, we start to catch glimpses of the original love that is always here.

Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute

You’re a Teacher, Leader or Caregiver yourself?

The Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute (RGMI) works with schools, colleges, educational organizations, and businesses – providing training in secular mindfulness for personal wellbeing, stress management, and leadership development.

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