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Located in Santa Fe, NM, in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, Mountain Cloud is a meditation center, offering daily sitting and several teaching events most weeks. Click here for our weekly schedule.  For upcoming sesshins and special events click on Events and Sesshins.

Getting Started

Meditation has proven benefits. More energy, more concentration, more peace, more love, more joy, more presence, more kindness.  The easiest way to get started in a meditation practice and find out if it’s for you, is to come by on a Wednesday afternoon at 5pm for a one-hour Intro to Zen class. We run these weekly and year-round. Continue Reading …

Our teacher is Henry Ryu-un Shukman, an Associate Zen Master of the Sanbo Zen lineage. Continue Reading …

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November 25 & 26: Weekend Workshop with Kaz Tanahasi and Henry Shukman Exploring Zen Master Dogen

The Miracle of Each Moment: Inspiration from the teachings of Zen Master Dogen With Kazuaki Tanahashi and Henry Shukman At Mountain Cloud Zen Center November 25-26 (Saturday and Sunday) 10 AM – 4 PM each day (Lunch provided) Cost: $130   Join us for meditation, dharma talks, discussion and demonstrations of calligraphy, all inspired by Master […]

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Message from Henry: The Gift

It’s like one has been given a gift. If you just remember to consult it, it will always give you a right course, in any situation. But you have to consult it. Which means you have to practice. There is a breaking through or falling away that happens, after which this nameless and formless gift […]

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Message From Henry: Breath Break

…the Way is intrinsically fulfilled; the principle of Zen is complete freedom. ~ Dogen Upright, balanced – yet completely at ease. This is intrinsic fulfillment. Rested, relaxed – yet alert with an awareness that penetrates everywhere and embraces all things. This is unbounded freedom. ****** In praise of the Smoking Ban… The “fag break,” so […]

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October 20-22: Weekend Introductory Retreat – Registration Closed

  Registration is now closed. Next Introductory Retreat will be in February 2018. This short weekend retreat begins on Friday evening October 20 and ends Sunday mid-day October 22. Designed to support those new to meditation, it is ideal for those who have never done a multi-day retreat. Experienced practitioners are also welcome to participate in […]

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Whole-Hearted Attention

…without attention we live only on the surface of existence. The secret of beginning a life of deep awareness and sensitivity lies in our willingness to pay attention…. Our growth as conscious, awake human beings is marked not so much by grand gestures and visible renunciations as by extending loving attention to the minutest particulars […]

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Teisho: Ben Connelly: Inside Vasubandhu’s Yogacara

Description: In this talk,Ben Connelly, a Soto Zen teacher from the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center and Dharma heir in the Katagiri lineage, discusses his book, Inside Vasubandhu’s Yogacara. Vasubandhu was a fifth century Indian monk who was a prolific author and teacher. He was a profoundly influential but poorly understood figure in Mahayana Buddhism and a key figure in […]

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Work Retreat: October 1-7

Join us for a work retreat 
Mountain Cloud Zen Center October 1-7, 2017 Cost is Free, 
Meals provided Come for the full week, a few days, or a few hours Create community 
Work Together Improve our beautiful center Work 6 hours a day and sit for 2-3 hours. 
Private interviews, dharma talks and beginner instruction. Residents […]

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Message from Henry: Shadows

The brighter the light the deeper the shadow. It’s easy enough to see the mote in another’s eye. Our Lord is infinitely merciful – and we’ll torture you until you do feel his mercy… We venerate the bond between mother and child (witness our icons), but have a child out of wedlock and we’ll take […]

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Zen: Soto, Rinzai and Sanbo Zen Part 2 of 2

If you are unable to find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it? —  Dogen Zenji Read Part 1 of this short series for insight into Soto and Rinzai Zen. How has the Sanbo-kyodan (now called Sanbo Zen) influence became the seed for much of what is now experienced as Zen in […]

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