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To awaken, liberate and protect all beings.

Located in Santa Fe, NM, in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, Mountain Cloud is a meditation center offering daily sitting, weekly teaching events, and monthly retreats.

Due to Covid 19, our regularly scheduled sits,
classes and dharma talks are now offered online.

All weekly events are free, no membership or registration required.
Please join us.

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Getting Started

Meditation has proven benefits. More energy, more concentration, more peace, more love, more joy, more presence, more kindness.  The easiest way to get started in a meditation practice and find out if it’s for you. We offer an online Introduction to Meditation Class every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm MT which provides instruction and support for new meditators.  Continue Reading …

Our guiding teacher is Henry Shukman and Valerie Forstman has recently joined us as Mountain Cloud’s second teacher. Both Henry are Valerie are Associate Zen Masters of the Sanbo Zen lineage.  Continue Reading …


Video – Zen is the Mind of Beauty, Henry Shukman

Henry reads a selection of writing and discusses the four jhanas – deep states of meditation absorption that make us recognize the wonder of existence. He then answers some questions remaining from the Why Koans? retreat. Visit our YouTube Channel for more Zen Talks from Mountain Cloud Zen Center Featured image: Anemone by matthewsjackie,  from Pixabay.com

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Video – Enough, Valerie Forstman

Valerie looks at the traditions within the converging week of Passover and Easter. For this April Fool’a Day talk, she explores sufficiency, holy fools, Roso, silence in prison practice, fractions, infinity and much more — all which point to one reality. Still moved by the previous week’s retreat, Why Koans? Valerie offers more from the […]

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love journey who we are shukman

Dharmatalk: Love In Present Moment Experience – Original Love One (1 of 4)

“… Love that … manifests as a deep inner journey into who we really are…” Description: Henry Shukman opens this first talk in our Original Love Retreat by looking at the word Love, one of the most loaded, variously understood and widely used word in the English language. Henry explores a facet of Love that […]

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Cosmic Life Cloud 300 dpi

Why Koans? Talk Four, Henry Shukman

Koans are targeting my sense of me. Aiming directly at the heart of who I think I am. In this fourth and final talk from the Why Koans? retreat, Henry delves more deeply into the meaning and use of koans. He returns to Roso Facing the Wall, talks about the two primary Zen schools, Rinzai […]

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Cosmic Life Cloud 300 dpi

Why Koans? Talk Three, Henry Shukman

Each moment of our life is like the koan. We study this piece of life; in the controlled setting we can see more of what it really is. When we let go of all our assumptions and preconceptions we find this piece is much more than we could every have imagined. In this third talk […]

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Daily Sitting and the First Noble Truth

Everything  that comes up in our sitting is helping us. Zazen is a great blessing. What arises in zazen is always a path to healing. When Buddha gave his very first teaching, he began it with the “First Noble Truth:” that existence is dukkha –suffering, unease, restlessness, dissatisfactoriness. But he didn’t mean something along the lines of: […]

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Dharmatalk: Practice-Realization

“… taste the indivisible dynamism of the heart of compassion …” “… The slightest movement is a seismic gesture; the whole earth shaken to the farthest regions …” Description: In this talk given during the Spring 2020 sesshin at Mountain Cloud, Valerie Forstman delves into Case 54 of the Book of Equanimity. The bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara is […]

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Mindfulness: The Survival Kit

Are  you are a person who helps people…. an educator, youth or family worker, caregiver, health worker, therapist, counselor, non-profit provider, etc? Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute (RGMI) is inviting you to join us for a FREE mindfulness workshop series. If you do not qualify, but know someone who does, please share our invitation. Priority will […]

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Cosmic Life Cloud 300 dpi

Why Koans? Talk Two, Henry Shukman

…it’s a matter of pointing to the human heart mind and finding that you are this great awakening. Its a matter of seeing your own heart mind, your experience of this moment now.  In this second talk from the Why Koans? retreat Henry continues exploring the path of gradual awakening (Mindfulness training) and the path […]

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