Getting Started

Mountain Cloud offers daily sitting meditation sessions and an Introductory class for new meditators. If you are new to Mountain Cloud or to meditation, please read this page for some basic guidance. We recognize that the first time you join us, you may not know what to do or what to expect..

Our Daily Meditation Sits, offered both online and in-person, offer a supportive community space for daily silent meditation practice. See below for details on what to expect, the format and timing, how to join/attend, and the online and in-person schedules.

Our Introduction to Meditation classes, currently online on Zoom, Tuesdays 5pm MT offers a great way to get support in starting a practice. The modules are not sequential and roll around week by week, so you can tune into any class and start right away. The class is free and requires no registration or membership, just show up. Learn more about the class here. Use this link to join the class on Tuesdays at 5pm MT:

Benefits of Meditation

The practice of meditation can bring many benefits: greater attention and awareness, the settling down of our emotional life, a growing sense of goodwill and kindness, and a desire to be of help in this world.

Many people have extolled the virtues and benefits of meditation, and its capacity to turn a human life around in positive ways. For millennia some people have discovered this for themselves. In recent decades the latest neuroimaging technology has been confirming what meditators have always claimed: that there may be nothing so reliably and dependably helpful for a human being as a regular meditation practice.

What to Expect

Our sits are offered on zoom and some sits are taking place in-person at our zendo in Santa Fe.  Sits are open to all. There is no cost or registration required. If you are interested in sitting with us, consider yourself invited and welcome.

If you come to our zendo in Santa Fe for an in-person sit, we ask that you be fully vaccinated for covid-19.  Please show your vaccination card the first time you come.

Our daily sits run for one hour as follows….

  • 25 minutes of silent sitting
  • 5 minutes of walking meditation. In the zendo we walk slowly around the room, follow the person in front of you or any instructions given. On zoom you may walk at home or take
  • 25 minutes of silent sitting

Each sitting period begins and ends with a bell rung by our jiki (time keeper)

On Thursday evening, our schedule is slightly different.  We sit for 25 minutes, have a short break then we listen to a dharma talk given by one of our teachers, or occasionally a guest teacher.

Zoom Sits

Use this link to access our zoom zendo:

Use a cushion, bench or chair to sit on.  Find a quiet place in your home, perhaps face the wall. The jiki/host will ring a bell to start and stop the sit. Use the five minute break between the two sits to walk slowly around your space (walking meditation) or take a stretch or break as needed.

Click here if you have any trouble logging on to zoom.

Click here to go to our Daily Sitting Meditation Schedule.

In-person Zendo Sits

Click here for our in-person sit schedule.

Enter the zendo quietly.

Find a place to sit. We have cushions and chairs to choose from. Sit facing the wall.

We walk around the zendo during the walking period at a steady but slow pace. Please space yourselves evenly and be aware of the speed taken by the time keeper who leads the walking. The leader will clap two wooden clappers at the end of the walking period and you should return to your place, standing. You may sit down when the leader claps the clappers a second time.

Follow what the others do. It’s perfectly fine to get it wrong the first time you come if you are new to a meditation center. If you have any questions prior to the beginning of the sit, you may ask the time keeper for assistance.

Meditation Schedule

Click here to go to our Daily Sitting Meditation Schedule – both virtual sits and onsite sits.

Photo by Le Minh Phuong on Unsplash

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