Becoming a Student

If you have developed a stable daily meditation practice and sustained it for a while, and have attended at least one extended Zen retreat, at a certain point it may become clear that the next step is to become a formal student. This involves a simple, brief ceremony in which you commit to having Henry as your primary guide, and he commits to doing his best to guide you in the practices and teachings he has received from his masters, for as long as you want.

It is something to discuss with our teacher, and may evolve quite naturally as your practice stabilizes and deepens.


Henry offers private dokusan (interviews) for students or those considering becoming a student. For the most part, these are offered during retreats, and usually during our weekly events such as the Thursday night meditation time. 

In addition it’s possible to schedule 5-minute interview slots through our online scheduling system. Please contact our administrator for more details.


Sometimes people want a longer time to discuss things with Henry, and he is available for spiritual counseling sessions, usually 55 minutes long. These sessions are available to anyone, and can be done in person at the center, or via skype, zoom, FaceTime, and phone. They are set up directly with Henry, and our administrator can connect you. There is a fee based on a wide sliding scale; Henry doesn’t want anyone not to be able to do a session because of financial constraint.


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