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Membership is the most effective way to support both Mountain Cloud and your personal practice. Membership contributions provide the essential support for our facilities, land, teachings, practice periods and special programs.

Members participate in the life of the center to whatever extent they wish by joining the regular sittings and teachings, as well as sangha meetings, committees, and work periods (samu) where we take care of the center, the garden and the land.

We deeply appreciate the generosity of our members. Your kind support is what makes the dharma flourish at Mountain Cloud. Thank you to all!

Membership Levels

Mountain Cloud Zen Center exists through the generosity of its donors and members. Your donations are tax-deductible as MCZC is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit religious organization.

Basic: $25.00 monthly, or $250/year in one payment

Sustaining: $50.00 monthly or $500/year in one payment

Benefactor: $100 monthly or $1,000/year in one payment

Non-local: $150.00/yearly for friends outside of New Mexico

Jizo Special Membership:  $5 monthly or $50/year in one payment

The Jizo Special Membership is for students at Mountain Cloud who have employment/income insecurity or limited financial means or are in full-time education. Jizo, one of the Buddha’s main attendants, is a Bodhisattva venerated as the guardian of children.

If finances interfere with your ability to become a member, please contact us and we will work out something with you.  No one is turned away from Mountain Cloud due to lack of financial means.

Thank you! For any questions, contact our administrator Johanna.

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You can show your gratitude for Mountain Cloud events, retreats, podcasts and other teachings by making a one-time gift, or by becoming a supporting member.

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