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2023 Summer Sesshin Talk 2

July 18, 2023

Practice-realization, suffering-compassion, wind-fan, and hyphenless reality

Why do we practice, if our fundamental nature is unimprovable? Mu is a sun with stone-melting power, and the fact itself. A way and the way. Vows express our utter commitment to this reality and our seamless belonging. Effects of our practice are noticeable and unmeasurable. The unmeasurable expresses itself as our practice, regardless of whether we perceive it.

In any case, the way this oneness world works, there’s a lot of suffering, to which it’s our right and proper work to attend. “Since the nature of wind is constancy and pervades everywhere, why do you fan yourself?” Dogen adds his own answer to Baoche’s: “It is because the nature of the wind is constancy that the wind of the house of Buddhas reveals the great earth’s golden presence and ripens the sweet milk of the long rivers.” Valerie adds hers: “In practice-realization, we’re fulfilling these vows. Now, and endlessly. Which is always only now. Our bowing, our chanting, is that fanning. And it’s whole.”

Photo by Mila Young on Unsplash

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