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Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute (RGMI)
RGMI trains students, faculty, and leaders with the skills they need to manage stress, behave with courage and kindness, and tap into their creative potential.

We offer a range of services, including retreats in pristine nature on our 20-acre campus. Programs focus on developing a personal mindfulness practice. This can be the foundation for resilience, self-care, teaching and leading. For more information, click here.

Prison Project
The Mountain Cloud Prison Project brings mindful movement (yoga) and meditation practices into the New Mexico State Prison (PNM).  Currently we have suspended our program due to lack of  yoga teachers.  If you are a yoga teacher or someone with a strong interest in prison work and would like to take up this important outreach program, please contact Johanna.

We also work closely with the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) which facilitates workshops on non violent communication with inmates and community members. Go to the AVP website or ask Johanna about the program

Working inside the prison is rewarding, compelling and satisfying. It requires time and patience to become a volunteer because each volunteer is required take one or more volunteer training classes, undergo a security background check and, cooperate with the prison officials to work out logistics and schedules.

Mountain Cloud Care Network
The MCZC Care Network exists to respond to occasional urgent needs resulting from childbirth, illness, surgery, life transitions and various other personal emergencies. If you would like to add your name to the Care Network or alert the membership to a need in the community, please contact the Mountain Cloud email.

Caring for people with terminal conditions is an inspiring and profoundly life-affirming way to offer help to the wider community. All kinds of help may be offered, from more traditional nursing to housecleaning, conversation, doing the shopping, driving people to appointments, among many other things.

Coming Home Connection is a home hospice network based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, founded and led by Glenys Carl, and affiliated with our zendo. They offer training of different kinds several times a year, and are always looking for volunteers to help meet the needs of their roster of patients. They are highly flexible about the hours people offer, and about the kind of work they are ready to do, and always try to make a good match between a volunteer and a patient. Any amount of time is appreciated, even as little as one hour once a month.

Glenys Carl, a native Welshwoman, is a long-time hospice caregiver, as well as the author of the book Hold My Hand, about her son’s inspiring three-year struggle to recover from a traumatic brain injury, in the course of which hundreds of people stepped forward to help out.

Coming Home Connection can be reached at 505.988.2466 or You can also contact Henry for further information.

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