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Breathe Truth into the Word

June 29, 2019

Poetry does not care
If you like it or not
Rhymes may care
What you write
How you write

But true poetry doesn’t care
About the words you use
It only cares
About the silence you sing

The pauses
The stillness
That breathes into your voice
The invisible wind
That carries each letter
Each sound on to the page
Into the space..

Time and space
Weaved together
Till the All sings
In you – in me…

It sings without boundaries
Without limits
In the heart of a flower
In the heart of a child
that reaches for the stars

In the heart of the Silence
That fills the universe
In the One heart
That beats in every one

Does not care
About the words you use
Only that you breathe Truth
Into the Word
Into Life

Poem and photos by Rosa Bellino, used with her permission
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