Bright Light, Dharma Talk 4 from the Winter Solstice Retreat 2020

What is your own bright light?

Valerie and Henry explore Unmon’s Bright Light, Case 84 from the Blue Cliff Record in this final talk from our winter solstice retreat. Valerie opens with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurring during this retreat, as a way to describe Zen practice. “Cutting the two into one… Light and darkness are one… your own great conjunction.”

Valerie asks “what is your own bright light?” Henry concludes with “ordinary mind is the way.” The dharma, or Zen, is not the way, just as the finger pointing to the moon is not the moon. Consider: the finger is the moon, is the treasure, but do not be attached.

All dharma talks and Q&A sessions from the Winter Solstice Retreat are available on our YouTube Channel.  Many other talks are also available on the channel.

Image: Lighthouse Glow by PIRO4D,  Public Domain, from
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