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Poetry by CM Brown

Mountain Cloud Zen Center Sitting on the ground. The howl of the coyotes. No thing. No sitting.   Zazen At the Zen Center in Sante Fe sit in silence, eating our breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. The shapes of tables, the shapes of eyes and arms, the shapes of the chevrons carved into the backs of […]

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Ryokan: Temporary Dwelling

  Where you have beauty you have ugliness, too. Where you have right you will also have wrong. Knowledge and ignorance are each other’s cause. Delusion and enlightenment produce one another. It’s always been so, It didn’t start now. You get rid of this, then grab hold of that. Don’t you see how stupid it […]

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Question Mark ?

? A question mark Standing firm, Defending it’s ground A question mark That it will never allow itself to become a full stop Not till its questions are answered! But slowly So slowly that it doesn’t even notice The question mark is becoming more flexible Slowly, ever so slowly … it is unraveling Its bends […]

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Lost in the Forest of Mind

Lost in the forest of mind running  from shadow to shadow looking for the light I never dared to open my eyes to… Running without aim running always till the dreams that at once comforted me become nightmares Lost in the forest of mind with tomorrow as the only hope… finally the shadows hunted me […]

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Rosa - white rose

Flower Sermon

Once upon a time the world honored one was at Vulture Peak.  Before a vast crowd of lay practitioners, nuns, and monks, angelic creatures, and even gods, he held up a single flower and twirled it. Of the assembled crowd only the disciple Mahakashyapa, responded, breaking into a wide grin. The Buddha, lord of wisdom, physician of the […]

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Don’t-Know Mind

But when you allow each thought to be met with “Is it true?” life will show itself to you. Eventually, you find yourself ending every thought with a question mark, not with a period. You’re able to rest in the never-ending enlightenment of the don’t-know mind. ~ Byron Katie A mind at Home with Itself […]

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Sharing One Breath

    Kono iki ya                                       Ah this breath Mae wa dare no ka                        Whose breath was it before? Hitotsu no ki                                    One Spirit.   […]

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