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Rosa - 4

Daily Activities

Transmitting to the east the way the ancestors brought from the west, My daily activities illuminated by the moon and shadowed by the clouds, Because I revere the ancient way of the patriarchs, The secular dust of worldly customs does not reach Where I remain secluded in my grass-thatched hut, On a snowy evening deep […]

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He Who Works

He who works with his hands is a laborer.  He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.  He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist. ~ St.Francis of Assisi    Photo and design by Rosa Bellino

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The Heart of a Rose

  The Heart Of a rose So soft So easy to break Let it break it open Open to Life Open to sorrow Open to joy And yet Your open Heart Is never  touched Never soiled By the ups and downs of Life Yes Let your Heart be Broken open Now Before It breaks in thousands peaces Each piece lost […]

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Casa, by Rosa Bellino

  Casa a place I must leave I know Each step carved on the wheel of life a circle that never ends a circle of ever new vistas in a world I do not yet know and yet… Casa a place I know must return to as I walk on the path that will bring […]

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Uji – Being-Time, Dogen

An old Buddha said: For the time being, I stand astride the highest mountain peaks. For the time being, I move on the deepest depths of the ocean floor. For the time being, I’m three heads and eight arms. For the time being, I’m eight feet or sixteen feet. For the time being, I’m a […]

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Breathe Truth into the Word

Poetry does not care If you like it or not Rhymes may care What you write How you write But true poetry doesn’t care About the words you use It only cares About the silence you sing The pauses The stillness That breathes into your voice The invisible wind That carries each letter Each sound on […]

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