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Dharma Talks from Valentine’s Weekend Introduction to Meditation Retreat, 2021

February 26, 2021

Zen is awakening to the dynamic reality of the present moment…..Zen is finding love in all things at all times. ~ Ruben Habito

Valerie’s first talk from our Valentine’s weekend Intro retreat explores Zen practice from the mind of compassion and curiosity. Valerie looks at the Buddhist origin story – Shakyamuni’s awakening – and she discusses some of the fruits of practice. Valerie also asks (and simply answers) What is Zen? A life long path of awakening and a practice to cultivate present moment awareness on and off the cushion.

In the second talk from this Intro Retreat, Valerie turns to another origin story in Zen – the meeting between Bodhidharma, the master who brought Chan from India to China, and his disciple Huike (or Eka) who became the second Chinese ancestor in the remarkable lineage of this dharma, this Zen teaching.

Check out the Mountain Cloud YouTube Channel for many more video dharma talks.

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