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Summer Sesshin 2022 with Henry Shukman and Valerie Forstman

Summer Solstice Retreat: June 20-26, 2022

Intimacy with all things — what koans can teach us

What a wonderful thing it is that we can discover our intimacy with all the things of this world. To do so, to whatever degree, is a great homecoming. It feels like a deep return to some kind of true homeland of our deeper nature.

The premier time to make this kind of return, this kind of homecoming, is in the shared depth of awareness that emerges during a longer retreat – a “sesshin” in the Zen tradition.

“Ses-shin” means something like “to connect with our hearts.” And when we do, we find our heart is already in a deep intimate connection with all the things of this world. It already knows our life cannot be separated from the things and beings around us. It knows we are already at home in a world of love. We love and are beloved — it’s all going on all the time, but usually at a level deeper than our awareness is accustomed to going.

So in a longer retreat, we allow ourselves to slip into that deeper realm, and support one another in doing so. We find our real intimacy with all things.

Join Valerie and Henry for six days of deep shared practice. There will be guided meditations, talks, Q&A periods, and plenty of deep silence. There will be ongoing sitting with koans. We will explore the many ways koans can help us in the deep project of reconnecting intimately with our world. They call us back to a wild freedom and a wild love for this world that are just waiting for us.

Registration for our Summer Solstice Retreat is now open. This Zen retreat will be a six day hybrid event streamed on zoom from Mountain Cloud’s zendo, beginning the evening of Monday June 20 and closing Sunday mid-day June 26.

June 20 Schedule: On-Site Attendance Only

6:00-7:00pm     Dinner
7:00pm             Sitting

June 21-26 Daily Schedule (MT)

6:00-7:30am     Sitting
7:30-9:30          Breakfast, samu, rest
9:30am-noon    Sitting and dharma talk
Noon-1:30        Lunch and rest
1:30-5:00pm     Sitting and Q&A
5:00-7:00pm     Dinner, rest, personal time
7:00-8:30pm     Sitting (Tuesday-Saturday)

The retreat orientation for all will take place Tuesday morning June 21 at 9:30am MT.

On-site Attendance and Application

We will stream the retreat live from Mountain Cloud Zen Center and there is space for about 25 people to attend the retreat onsite.

If you are interested in attending on-site we have limited lodging (up to 12 cabin and cottage spaces),  as well as camping,  van, and commuters spots.

For those who want to attend onsite, you must be willing to follow this protocol:

  • Please self quarantine for five days prior to the retreat.
  • Take a home covid test the day or day before the retreat begins (Monday late afternoon June 20).
  • If you plan to commute, we ask that you live alone or have no direct contact with others only travel between your residence and Mountain Cloud for the duration.
  • Must attend the entire retreat, no part time in person attendance.

To apply for a space on-site, fill out this application as soon as possible.  Click here to apply. 

Selection criteria is based on teacher approval, sitting experience, timing and ability to follow our protocol requirements. We are sorry we cannot accommodate all of you who want to come to Mountain Cloud.

Virtual Attendance

There is no application for virtual attendance and registration is open (sign up below).  We encourage you to attend full time, but we understand that this is difficult for many, so you may attend part time as needed.

Cost for Online Participants
$150 – Part-time fee (attending less than 4 days)
$300 – Full fee (attending 4-6 days)
$500 – Benefactor fee

These costs are for online attendance only. Full fee is for full time attendance. Part-time fee is for those attending fewer than 4 days (half time or less). Those who pay the benefactor fee help support those with financial need attend the retreat. If you need financial assistance please contact our registrar. Johanna to make arrangements for an affordable payment. No one is turned away.

If you are a new practitioner or have not sat a multi-day retreat in the past, you are encouraged to dive into this summer online retreat. If you would like to sit with us for one, two or more days, please give it a try.  Our zoom zendo makes it easy for this to happen without disturbing those who are diligently sitting for the entire retreat.

Registration and payment for virtual participants only

Please don’t sign up here if you want to participate on-site at Mountain Cloud. 

Summer 2022 Retreat - Virtual Registration

Have you done a multi-day meditation retreat in the past?(Required)
Mention past or current teachers, meditation retreats you have done, describe your daily sitting practice if you have one
e.g. friend, web-search, teacher, book, etc
Select your payment option(Required)
Payment is for online attendance only. Full fee is for attending all 6 days. If you attend fewer than 4 days you may select the part time fee. Benefactors help support those with financial need attend the retreat. If you need financial assistance please contact our registrar Johanna, mczcadmin@mountaincloud.org to work out a payment.
How would you like to make your payment?(Required)

Image: Heart by CDD2, from Pixabay.com

June 20
June 26
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