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Finding Love: Two Talks by Sanbo Zen Teacher Ruben Habito

November 24, 2020

Infinite, conditional, boundless love…  

Listen to Ruben Habito answer the question, What is Zen?  He explores how practicing Zen involves finding love everywhere, in all things. The desire to search for unconditional love lies deep in our heart.

Four motivations bring people to zen practice…

  • Curiosity
  • Health benefits, stress reduction, practitioners find the the practice feeds the entire being.
  • Searching for a deeper spiritual life, the search from our innermost being to discover the transcendent and ultimate, in so doing we find inner peace. Inner peace brings us an openness and groundness, home in the innermost core of our being.  Then we can see all as interconnected, as kin.
  • Burning questions of Who am I? What is the purpose of life?  How can I live my life in the most meaningful way? This fourth motivation keeps us burning with the zeal to keep going… until we discover the holiness and the love that pervades everything.

Enjoy these two talks, Finding Love, recorded by Ruben Habito in late October 2020.

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