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Dharmatalk (Guest): John Gaynor: Zen Master Dôgen Kigen (Part 1 of 2)

June 27, 2019

“… If one person is harmonizing this experience of Dogen’s, then we all are …” 



Description: John Gaynor is a Zen Teacher with The Oxford Zen Centre. This wonderful talk was presented at The Meditatio Centre in London. Using the wisdom gleaned from Master Dôgen’s first work, Fukanzazengi (Universally Recommended Instructions for Sitting Meditation), the why, how and what of meditation is explored. It begins with an overview of Dôgen’s life (1200-1253).

This talk was hosted by Meditatio and recorded by WCCM and is being published with their permission.

Post & Featured image: Dogen, Wikimedia, CCO Public Domain.

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