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Henry Interviewed By Eric Zimmer on The One You Feed Podcast

May 16, 2020

Paths of Spiritual Awakening: Henry was interviewed by Eric Zimmer on the podcast, The One You Feed.

Listen to this April 28 Conversation.

In This Interview, Henry Shukman and Eric Zimmer discuss Paths of Spiritual Awakening and…


  • Henry’s new book, One Blade of Grass: Finding the Old Road of the Heart, a Zen Memoir
  • How to work with the 3 poisons that we all have: Greed, Ill Will, Delusion
  • Opening up to pain (rather than turning away from it) so that we can heal
  • Henry’s experience with dysthymia
  • The awakening experiences he has had in his life
  • Learning how to be with his pain and wounds in order to heal
  • A major myth of meditation
  • How Henry knew he was ready to work with a spiritual teacher
  • Henry’s realization that awakening experiences are doorways and we must then step onto the paths they open up to in order to continue our spiritual growth
  • The value of community in spiritual growth
  • The trouble with thinking you have to do things alone
  • Discovering for ourselves the deep experience of the ordinary moments of our lives
  • The wisdom of cherishing the normal and finding beauty in ordinary things
  • Poetry as the practice of paying very close attention to things
  • The different levels of love
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