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Case 3 Book of Equanimity. The Indian King Invites the Ancestor

July 9, 2015

Episode Description: In this talk, Henry explicates Case 3 in the Book of Equanimity koans, and explores the Buddhist “Middle Way.” This koan shows how Prajnatara’s teaching on sutras, “suchness” and breath exemplifies the Middle Way. (Prajnatara, Bodhidharma’s teacher, may well have been a female master, in spite of what the Zen tradition has said.) Henry describes how a life focused on either desire or self-mortification is profitless. He explores the “excluded middle” between these two extremes, which leads to the great reality of wisdom and peace. Henry concludes the teisho with a brief discussion about zazen breath practice and an exhortation to waste no time.


Post Image and Featured Image Credit: Courtesy Cherie Manifest.

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